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Your consumer rights with services. Advice for before you buy and what to do when you've got a problem.
Page Unsatisfactory services
Information on what to do when a service is poorly done, takes too long or isn't working.
Page Banking
How to stay safe when banking electronically and with cheques. What to do if things go wrong with your bank.
Page Car park fines, towing and clamping
Find out if the landowner has the right to tow, clamp or fine you.
Page Contracts
What is a contract? What's the difference between a written and a verbal contract? What to do before you sign a contract, your rights to cancel a contract or when a contract is breached.
Page Electricity and gas
Your rights when choosing an electricity and gas provider and things to check before you sign a contract.
Page Financial advisers
What a financial adviser does, how to choose one, what your rights are, and what to do if you have a problem.
Page Insurance
How to choose an insurance company, vehicle insurance, what to do if you have a dispute with your insurance company, Christchurch earthquake insurance issues
Page Moving and transporting goods
Your rights and common problems to be aware of when using carriers to move and transport goods.
Page Phone and internet services
Your rights with phone and internet services, how to choose the right plan for you and what to do if something goes wrong.
Page Quotes and estimates
What to think about when getting a quote or an estimate.
Page Repair services
When you get something repaired, you only have to pay for the work you asked for. The goods being repaired may be covered by the Consumer Guarantees Act.
Page Services you didn't agree to
What to do if you have had work done that you didn't agree to and have now been charged. Hints on how to make sure you only get charged for work you've requested.
[Internal link] Consumer law changes - Changes in consumer rights.

Consumer laws changed in 2014 and credit laws changed in 2015.

See Changes in consumer rights and Changes in credit laws for more information.




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