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National Consumer Survey 2009

The Ministry of Consumer Affairs commissioned Colmar Brunton to carry out research on New Zealand consumer awareness, experience and perceptions through a national face-to-face survey.

Commissioned by the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, the survey asked a range of questions on issues including: participants' understanding of their rights; awareness and use of information sources when in a dispute; how to seek redress; taking action to resolve problems and disputes. 

The survey found New Zealanders to have a fairly good understanding of consumer rights - particularly that they're entitled to have faulty goods repaired, replaced or have their money refunded. It also showed that most people know to contact the seller when they have a problem and that the seller will usually do something to put it right. 

Consumers are confident their problems will be addressed and dealt with fairly, and are generally aware of services and organisations where they can get consumer advice - particularly the Citizens' Advice Bureau (48 percent) and Consumer NZ (24 percent). TV shows - ie 'Fair Go' and 'Target' - were also noted as a source of advice by 14 percent of respondents, up from six percent in 2005.

View the 2009 National Consumer Survey [PDF 1.4MB]

Last updated 18 November 2010


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