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Policy development

Current policy projects by topic - providing an outline of the project, progress and links to related documents.
RichFolder Credit review
The Government has amended consumer credit laws to better protect consumers from irresponsible lending.
Page Consumer law reform
The consumer law reform revised consumer law to help consumers transact with confidence and to support honest business practices. The law changes were included in the Consumer Law Reform Bill. This page explains the process and background for these changes.
Page Consumer Law Reform - Key points
Key points around the Consumer Law Reform.
Page Financial service providers disputes resolution regime
The Ministry of Consumer Affairs (now Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment) has developed guidelines to assist schemes applying for approval to be a financial service provider disputes resolution scheme.
Page Financial summit
The Minister of Consumer Affairs hosted a Financial Summit for credit providers and community agencies on Thursday 11 August 2011.
Folder Trading Standards policy
Review of laws and regulations about legal metrology, fuel quality monitoring or consumer product safety.